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Construction Consulting

DG provides a cost-effective, out-sourced solution for construction consultants when undertaking the complex task of construction. Our teams of professionals understand the complexities, difficulties, and risks associated with the construction.  Each construction project is unique. As such, our services are customized for each project and each client’s position with respect to the project. Our services can be engaged at any point in the construction process.

Provide Unbiased Cost Management Advice

While planning, designing and building a construction project we know that cost is most important. Hiring the right independent Cost Consultant will ensure your construction project is designed, bid and built within your determined cost framework.

Establish your Benchmark for Project Construction Budgets and Financing

A successful project begins with an accurate budget. You can rely on our estimates to act as the roadmap for the financial success of your project. Our detailed estimating and cost control services ensure construction projects are planned, bid, constructed and completed within your budget.

Clarify Scope and Parameters of your Project

Our estimates clearly define the scope of the project, available budget, and serves as the construction project baseline against which design, cost and program objectives are measured. Our estimates not only define the scope of the project shown in the blueprints, but include and identify all components necessary for constructability

Protect the Integrity of Design Throughout Conception through Completion

Our estimates help protect the vision and design of your project by defining the related cost early in the design phase. Understanding cost early allows our clients to make educated decisions on the aesthetics, materials and unique elements throughout the design phases.

Cost-Efficiency Analysis & Suggestions

In every project we find cost-efficient alternatives without compromising value. Our estimators examine each component for cost-reducing alternative solutions and provide a thorough analysis of the entire project. Our analysis allows our clients to make timely decisions on changes in design, systems, and materials that benefit their project and budget.

Confirm Fair and Reasonable Pricing Throughout Project Completion

It is essential to have an independent cost consultant estimate your project to ensure the pricing you receive is not only fair and reasonable, but properly reflects the market conditions, labor pool, competition, and your specific project scope. Our estimates detail down to the units of work, define the General Conditions and General Requirements, and properly

account for the soft costs. Our estimate is the best roadmap and negotiating tool you can have to make certain your project costs are properly accounted for from preconstruction to change orders

Contract Administration

Construction processes and contracts are often complex. DG provides comprehensive oversight to make sure the project is constructed according to your plans and specifications. We provide general advice and counsel from assisting with contractor selection to updating you on project status. We protect your interests by reviewing and verifying contractor applications for payment along with any claims that may arise.

Change Order Management


Resolving change order situations early minimizes your costs and avoids contractor and project schedule disruptions. DG has extensive experience developing and managing the change order process for owners, contractors, and subcontractors on multimillion dollar projects and includes labor rate compliance, change order metrics, and contract entitlement.

Questions about Construction Consulting?